Thank you so much for including Andrea Montgomery Designs in your donation solicitation. We are committed to giving back to our community in meaningful ways and we appreciate your sharing your organization’s mission with us for consideration.


Due to the large number of varied requests that we receive, we have streamlined our process. While all of the charities that request items from us are worthy, we are simply unable to donate to each and every one. We strive to strike a balance between varying the charities served by including new ones each year and also maintaining consistency with organizations in the hopes of making a deeper impact.

Your request must be made on behalf of a non-profit, tax exempt organization as recognized by the IRS and proof of this status will be required prior to receiving a donation.

We process all of our charitable in-kind donations during the first week of each quarter. Please submit your requests by the last day of the quarter (March 31st, June 30th, September 30th or December 31st) before you wish to have consideration. Your request should be made at least three months in advance of needing the item, so that we can include it in the quarterly considerations. For local (Houston, Texas) donations, please contact us to make an appointment to pick up the donation item. For non-local donations (outside of Houston), you will need to cover the cost of insured shipping, which is $8. An invoice will be sent to you for that amount.

To contact us with a donation request, please fill out the form to the left.

Thank you!